Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

How do Elysian dryer balls work?

Wool dryer balls work by bouncing around in your dryer, lifting and separating clothing and increasing hot air flow. This cuts down dryer time saving you money.

Why are wool dryer balls better than fabric sheets?

Fabric sheets use harsh chemicals to soften clothing which are toxic to our environment. Wool dryer balls are a nature friendly alternative. Our dryer balls are handmade with 100% sheep wool.

My dryer balls are pilling, is that bad?

Pilling may occur on some wool balls but don't worry, they will continue to work just as well if not better due to the increased surface area.

Instructions for use:

  • Place all the wool dryer balls in the dryer with your laundry.
  • Turn on the dryer, your clothes will dry faster while getting softer.
  • One or two drops of essential oil may be added to the dryer balls if you would like.